Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Top 5 : : Poolside edition

I don't think I've ever spent as much time poolside as I have living in Texas.  Maybe it's because if you are going to be outside in the summer you'd better find something to help you stay cool or maybe because my husband's parents {and our gym and many friends} have a pool that we are in almost everyday.  Either way, I thought I'd share some of my poolside must-haves.

1.  This after-sun lotion....nothing else compares.  It's like $6 at Wal-Mart and it lasts all summer and then some.  I bathe myself in this stuff everytime we leave...and sometimes even during. {I'm a bit of a lotion freak}  It feels like you are giving your skin a big drink after drying it out in the sun and chlorine.  I cannot tell you how much I love this stuff. : )
2.  A great bag.  Especially if you have kids, this one makes such a difference.  Some places we go, we have to load up towels so that means you need a pretty good sized bag.  Having some great pockets is also super helpful {for membership cards, phone, watch, etc}.  Mine is canvas from the Gap {from about 5 years ago} and I love it, but there also some great wipe-able bags or lighter weight ones as well.  Some of my faves...
This one is from L.L. Bean for $37...Lands' End has some great ones too.  Great quality, classic look and look even better with a monogram! : )
Love the Calypso St. Barth collection at Target for this summer....this one is only $19.99.
This one is from Piperlime.  Not really in my price range right now, but great inspiration. :)

3.  Sunglasses.  I love a good pair of sunglasses...BUT if it's a nice pair, it is a broken/lost pair for me. So, I've started buying a couple great pairs from the Dollar Tree every summer.  They work great, look cute and of course, never get lost or broken.  ; )

4.  A swimsuit.  I know, duh.  I've developed quite a collection...different suits for different occasions.  There's the waterpark suit that doesn't not budge...ever.  There's the laying out suit...I'll leave that one there.  Then, I've got the ones that are cute and appropriate to wear with the fam or friends.  My faves in this category would probably be a strapless tankini...modest with no weird tanlines.  Love these...
Love this one from J. Crew.  Their selection is AMAZING!
Also J. Crew.  Love these colors.
Don't like the straps as much on this one, but Trina Turk has some amazing swimsuit prints....LOVE this!

I honestly usually get mine end of the season clearance.  There is still great selection and I'm paying $10 rather than $100. :)

5.  A great water bottle.  I inherited a Camelbak because my super-cool cousin who has everything that is cool for the outdoors, well, she left it in my car when we visited her in Wyoming.  I meant to send it...and that was 2 years ago.  : )  Hopefully we'll visit this summer and bring her a new one {since I've used the tar out of this one}.  I fill it up with ice {or even freeze it half-full} and it stay's cool for quite a bit.  It is indestructible and not possible for my little sweeties to backwash into it. : )
My sweet husband also bought me this one from Starbucks that I LOVE.  It is so is glass and has a silicone cover.  I love definitely has the cool factor going too. ; )
I also have become addicted to this  Mio water enhancer.  LOVE it.  I've been drinking so much more water...usually this time of year my sweet tea consumption is ridiculous.  If you haven't tried it, they have so many different flavors, I bet you'll find one you love! : )

That's it.  That's my list.  What is on  your list for hanging out by the pool?  I'd love to hear may become one of must-have's too!


  1. Awesome! Love the Red Swimsuit. SO cute! About the water bottle.......I have long ago replaced it and am so glad that you have gotten great use out of it! However, I would love to see you this summer:):) Love you and miss ya! Jana

  2. Maybe that water enhacer will get me to drink more water also...:)