Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tip Tuesday

My simple tip today comes from a whole bunch of friends who told me about it, and I finally decided to give it a try. 

TIP : Use your Iphone {or other type of phone or Ipod touch} to do your Bible reading.  There is an actual Bible app and it is awesome!  Not only are there a ton of different versions, but some of them are even audio.  This way you can keep up with it while you are in the carpool line, at the park or pool, or all the other places where you may have a few minutes but may not normally keep your Bible with you. 

I am currently doing the 90 day Bible using The Message version.  I love how this version makes things easier to understand {especially when reading through the Old Testament}.  I just plugged in my start day and the app maps it out for me...I'm scheduled to be done August 5!  I just try to catch up when I can...sometimes I'm a couple days behind and sometimes I'm a couple ahead.  I've even turned on the audio version and listened to it.

Maybe you have another way that works for you, but I just thought I'd let you know something that has helped me SO SO much!  I'd love to hear how you do it and what works for you.  I'm so ashamed to say that I've been a Christian for almost 25 years and never read the whole Bible through, but I am so excited to be able to do this {and it worked out great to fit in between our Bible Studies at church!}.


  1. Been doing the Daily Audio Bible for over 2 years, I listen in bed before I go to sleep - and sometimes when I wake up early or int he middle of the night.

  2. I have an app too! Love it:):)