Thursday, June 2, 2011

Precious girl's room with LOTS of inspiration!

A really good friend named Lydia I grew up with started a blog just a bit before I started mine...we'd kept in touch through Facebook {since she lives in Washington}, but since I got acquainted with her blog, I feel like I've gotten to know her all over again!  She has two sweet little girls and a husband who is serving our country in Afghanistan.  So thankful for the "glimpses" into her life that remind me to pray for her, because I don't know how she does it...and manages to pull off cute kids' parties, gardening projects and lots of fun projects in her house.

I wanted to show you her adorable oldest daughter Lily's room.  She and her husband are real DIY'ers {I think she has a sofa ready for him to build when he gets back!} and they did an amazing job on this room.  You can read all about it here.

Here is the before....I'm sure those built-ins signaled them of the potential of this room....
They transformed it into this fun and happy this color scheme!
love the attention to the bunting over the window
love it's lived-in, accumulated-over-time look with all those great accessories

love the bright table set and the "advent" alphabet

love the vintage prints

Don't you love this space??  You can also read about her kids' play house {yes, her husband made it's AMAZING!}, and her awesome kitchen {I want to hack everything in it}.  Go on over and check her out at Sophia & won't be disappointed!  And Lydia {my birthday bud...our birthdays are a day a part}....thanks for letting me feature you and I am so excited that your sweet husband comes home in just a couple weeks...YAY!


  1. You just made my day. Love you, too! Thanks for your sweet words of encouragement!

  2. Wow!you have made the complete change of the room.Its really looking beautiful.This has inspired me and i am also planning to change the room for my little kid with the help of my hubby.
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