Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tip Tuesday

Today's tip is just something I picked up at Wally's {are we the only ones that have shortened Wal-Mart to that?...seems a little more fitting if you ask me : ) }.  Anyway, with summer around the corner, I'm always looking for ways to pack up quick lunches and snacks to take to the park, pool, and on the road when we travel...and I've found a great solution!
I found ours in the summer aisle, but I also saw it in hanging in the condiment aisle too.
It was under $2, and it makes little "uncrustables" without their price tag...and now they are customizable.  The idea of prepackaged sandwiches was great, but with needing to have many for little money, wanting to use wheat bread, and the fact that we do peanut butter and honey {instead of jelly} made it not such a great fit for our family...till now!

We also took it a step further than the pics above and even froze them...so when we are ready to hit the pool this summer, I just can plop a few in the cooler and let them thaw till we are ready for them! {sorry about the dark pics....we've had lots of weather days and it's been so dark in the middle of the day!}
throw your faves in the middle of the bread {pb, honey, syrup, jelly, etc}

push down on both parts

Isn't my hired help handsome?


I accidentally bought the fold over sandwich bags {didn't even know they still made those!} so I threw mine in a gallon size freezer bag
Hope this can maybe help make your summer lunch making just a little bit easier!

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  1. These are so time-saving…ours cuts the sandwich in half & makes 2 dinosaurs. Which is why Livi is always asking for a dinosaur sandwich ;o)

    I bought the fold over bags on accident once too…won't again b/c I probably triple check the box now. Live & learn, right? How did we survive childhood using those?